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  • JUKI KE-2080 Pick and Place Machine
JUKI KE-2080 Pick and Place Machine

JUKI KE-2080 Pick and Place Machine

  • Applicable Components: 0402
  • Board size:330×250mm
  • Feeder inputs:80
  • placement capacity:16,000CPH
  • Product description: JUKI KE-2080 Pick and Place Machine, Applicable Components: 0402 , Board size:330×250mm, Feeder inputs:80, placement capacity: 16,000CPH

JUKI KE-2080 Pick and Place Machine

Machine Details:

Since entering the electronics industry equipment field in 1987, JUKI has pioneered a new field with its original modular mounters that match the production innovation required by the electronics industry. The company has continued to grow as a leading manufacturer worldwide through offering outstanding cost-performance and high machine reliability. Specifically, the “3E Concept” of “Economy”, “Easy”, and “Expansion” advocated by Juki is receiving wide support. In the continually developing SMT industry, the company’s modular mounters are favored by customers worldwide as products that are capable of responding to future technical innovation. JUKI machines have now become the mainstream model in the SMT industry, and due to this a total of more than 16,000 units have been sold.

In response to eager requests from customers worldwide, JUKI has further developed its existing models, resulting in the imminent release of two state-of-the-art models, the KE-2070 and KE-2080, in which the mounting speed has been greatly improved.

As the successors to the High Speed Chip Shooter KE-2050/KE-2050R and High Speed Flexible Mounter KE-2060/KE-2060R, the High Speed Chip Shooter KE-2070 and High Speed Flexible Mounter KE-2080 maintain the “modular concept” of medium sized mounters while incorporating functions that perfectly support a diversity of needs.

With a “simple & smart” exterior design, and based on the proven results of the high rigidity frame and low-profile body, an accuracy of +/-0.05mm (Cpk 1) (*1) is maintained while the reliability has been further improved. Due to the utilization of a new 6-nozzle recognition system (LNC60) in the head part, a great improvement in productivity has been achieved, with mounting times of 16,000CPH/chip (20% increase over the previous model) and 4,600CPH/IC (40% increase over the previous model). The support for component sizes has also been improved to accommodate components from 0402mm (01005E) size (*2) to 33.5mm square size.
Simple programming and easy operation can be carried out through an improved graphical user interface, and the equipment maintains a common platform with previous models to allow continued use of existing equipment such as nozzles, feeders, data, and optional units as well as the ability to run programs written on previous models.

The trend in the surface mount industry is towards a complete change to modular mounters, as opposed to traditional “turret” chip shooters. In future, modular systems will continue to increase their market share. In this situation, the new ultra-flexible High Speed Chip Shooter KE-2070 and High Speed Flexible Mounter KE-2080 machines will provide optimum performance for the demands of the production work place, allowing maximum productivity for a minimum investment and making it possible to build production lines that have high flexibility. And efficiency while being easy to use.

High Speed Chip Shooter KE-2070

16,000CPH: chip (laser centering / IPC 9850)
4,600CPH: IC (vision centering with optional MNVC)
One multi-nozzle laser head (6 nozzles)
From 0402 (01005) to 33.5mm square components
Vision centering system (optional, featuring bottom, side, and back lighting, all ball recognition)
High Speed Flexible Mounter KE-2080
15,400CPH: chip (laser centering / IPC9850)
1,850CPH: IC (vision centering / effective tact),
4,860CPH with MNVC option.
One multi-nozzle laser head (6 nozzles) plus one high resolution head (1 nozzle)
From 0402 (01005) to 74mm square components or 50×150mm
Vision centering system (featuring bottom, side, and back lighting, all ball recognition and split recognition)

Main Features of SMT Pick and Place Machine?

Model name
Chip mounter
Flexible mounter
(Reference) KE-2060
Placement speed (chips)
Number of components that can be mounted (8mm tape conversion)
Max. 80 component types
Max. 80 component types
Max. 80 component types
Max. 80 component types
Component size
0402mm chip 33.5mm
0603mm chip 20mm
0402mm chip 50mm
0603mm chip 50mm
Mass (approximately)
Equipment dimensions (Main unit only)
Scheduled Unit Sales
1,000 units/year (Total for both models)
* 1+/-0.05mm (Cpk?1): Shows that the repeated mounting accuracy of +/-50? (microns) is stable.
* 20402mm size: 0.4mm x 0.2mm chip; currently the smallest size of chip mounted on boards.

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There is English manual or guide video that show you how to use machine.
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2) If machine have any problem after I receive it, how can I do ?
Free parts send to you in machine warranty period.
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3) MOQ ?
1 set machine, mixed order is also welcomed.
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