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Contact: Mr Eric

Mobile Wechat Whatsapp: +86-17748683433

Tel: 86-755-85225569

Email: sales@qismt.com

Skype: qismteric

Contact: Alice

Email: sales3@qismt.com

Mobile Wechat Whatsapp: +8617777178796

Contact: Andy

Email: sales2@qismt.com

Mobile Wechat Whatsapp: +8613538047679

QITUO Electronic CO.,LTD

Address: No.94,Guangtian Road,Songgang Street,Bao`an District Shenzhen China



Contact: Eric

Phone: +86 17748683433

Tel: +86 755 85225569

Email: sales@qismt.com

Add: 94# guangtian Road Songgang BaoAn district shenzhen China

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